Scouts worldwide connect at digital and radio jamboree

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Scouts in Libya joined together to take part in the Jamboree On The Internet (@Joma.Tarua.n.sasi)
World Scout Bureau
Scouts in Libya joined together to take part in the Jamboree On The Internet. Credit: @Joma.Tarua.n.sasi

Millions of young people connected from more than 150 countries across the globe this weekend, 14-16 October 2022, during World Scouting’s annual digital and radio Jamboree. For many Scouts, JOTA-JOTI 2022 was particularly important as they reconnect with friends in person since pandemic restrictions have eased. 

Jamboree On The Air - Jamboree On The Internet (JOTA-JOTI)

Held every year on the third week of October, many Scouts gather at camps to connect to the radio and Internet together - and across borders - as they learn about communication technologies, international friendship, and the international dimension of Scouting.

“What makes JOTA-JOTI most exciting is that it’s the largest Scouting event in the world, with over a million young people together to connect.”
Andy Chapman
Chairperson of the World Scout Committee

This event is free and lifts the spirits of participants by demonstrating the connection we all share as Scouts, committed to lifelong learning, learning by doing, and creating a better world. Most importantly, Scouts enjoy a fun time together while gaining skills, friendships and motivation!

Scouts in the United Kingdom video chat with Scouts in Australia during the annual Jamboree On The Internet.
World Scout Bureau
Scouts in the United Kingdom video chat with Scouts in Australia during the annual Jamboree On The Internet.

Scouts connect through dynamic programmes

Due to the grassroots inception and nature of JOTA-JOTI, each participant enjoyed a unique event experience. In many places, Scout groups or amateur radio clubs gathered in person to run activities, while in others, participants joined from home individually or with their families. Some groups ran their own programmes, other followed the programme, and many adopted a hybrid approach.

The official JOTA-JOTI programme is run via a digital campsite which offers a popular Fun Zone with games and activities, a global Chat Room with live moderators, three Live Shows with Scout hosts Sabina from Romania and Andrew from Singapore, an Amateur Radio Hub, and more.

Scouts in Madagascar have fun during the Jamboree On The Radio
World Scout Bureau
Scouts in Madagascar have fun during the Jamboree On The Radio. Credit: Andy Rajotiana Ramamonjisoa

The most populated area was the Innovation Lab, where we hosted more than 50 activities related to World Scouting’s core educational areas of Environment & Sustainability, Skills for Life, Peace & Community, and Health & Well-being.

In total, an estimated 4 million Scouts participated in local, regional and global JOTA-JOTI events worldwide. This includes more than 420,000 who registered on our online platform alone, including 5,800 groups.

Many Scout Groups meeting in person ran a full day of activities to learn about communications, like setting up amateur radio stations, arranging live video calls with Scouts in other countries, playing team-building games that require keen communication, and playing outdoor sports.

"Every year during #JOTAJOTI, I’m in awe of how transferable the idea of Scouting is, regardless of gender, religion, or ethnicity."
in Czechia
The digital campsite of the Jamboree On The Internet (JOTA-JOTI) featuring various sections, like the Innovation Hub, Safety Centre, Fun Zone, Celebrations Arena, and more.
World Scout Bureau
Throughout the weekend, Scouts navigated the digital campsite to participate in activities from dance parties to global chats to learning how to upcycle clothes, and much more!

JOTA-JOTI 2022 an Innovation Space

JOTA-JOTI has been evolving throughout its 88 years of existence. It all started with the desire to connect with each other, regardless of borders, and a passion for amateur radio. Today, it’s become a wider and larger event encompassing modern communication and technology skills - making it the Jamboree On The Air and Internet.

During JOTA-JOTI 2022, World Scouting announced its first-ever non-fungible token (NFT): a badge to commemorate the JOTA-JOTI experience. All 500 free limited edition NFT badges were claimed over the weekend!

The first-ever NFT Scouting badge features the JOTA-JOTI 2022 logo with a golden yellow background.
World Scout Bureau
World Scouting issued its first-ever NFT over the JOTA-JOTI 2022 weekend: a limited edition badge commemorating this exciting event!

In line with Scouting values, the new digital badge is the part of the greenest NFT network. In this way, Scouting continues to maintain its values while embracing the opportunities of Web3 and engaging young people in learning about blockchain technologies and token-based economies. 

Collaboration makes JOTA-JOTI possible

A huge volume of collaboration is needed to make such a large-scale event possible. For example, dozens of activities in the Innovation Hub and JOTA-JOTI Live Shows were only possible thanks to a large range of partner organisations, adventurers, and Scout volunteers. 

World Scouting is a volunteer-led movement, and more than 100 world- and regional-level volunteers and staff across several time zones worked together over the past ten months to make JOTA-JOTI 2022 possible.

The level of grassroots involvement of other volunteers, especially Scout Leaders, is immeasurable but certainly in the thousands. We thank each and every adult volunteer who helps make day-to-day scouting possible and who helped make JOTA-JOTI a success in their communities.

Safety at JOTA-JOTI 2022

As usual, JOTA-JOTI participants were asked to commit to the Safe JOTA-JOTI Pledge and adhere to our safety guidelines. Participants were made aware of reporting mechanisms should they come across anything concerning, and a dedicated team of 22 adults in scouting volunteered as ‘Listening Ears’ throughout the weekend to respond to reports and monitor chat rooms.

Since the majority of registered JOTA-JOTI participants take part in online activities, we also encourage them to take our Be Safe Online training. During the week of JOTA-JOTI alone, nearly 4000 participants took the course in English, French, Spanish or Russian.

Scouts learned about online safety during the Jamboree On The Internet. Safety is a top priority in all Scouting events, online and offline.
World Scout Bureau
Scouts learned about online safety during the Jamboree On The Internet (JOTA-JOTI). Safety is a top priority in all Scouting events, online and offline.

Looking forward to JOTA-JOTI 2023

In Scouting, our top priority is to deliver quality skill-building opportunities that are safe and fun for young people.

For its role in promoting international friendship, greater peace and understanding, and skills for life, JOTA-JOTI has become a staple of World Scouting’s annual roster of events and activities. We look forward to continuing to innovate JOTA-JOTI to encourage and engage young people in developing modern skills and increasing international friendship.

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year, from 20-22 October, for JOTA-JOTI 2023!

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