Europe Team

European Regional Scout Committee

Matthias Gerth
Abir Koubaa
Ex-Officio member - Regional Director, Europe
Martin Seemann
Jérémy Apert
Diana Slabu
Boris Vujnović
Wouter Zilverberg
Bo Arne Holmström
Ex-officio member - Regional Treasurer

World Scout Bureau Europe Support Centre, Geneva

Siân Bagshaw
Manager, Diversity, Culture and Inclusion
Goran  Gjorgjiev
Manager, Organisational Development
Rose-Marie Henny
Consultant (Growth)
Abir Koubaa
Regional Director
Raül Molina
Director, Scouting Development
Rupert Schildböck
Manager, Institutional and Constitutional Support
Radu Stinghe
Deputy Regional Director
Giselle Talampas
Office Support Executive
Anne-Christine Vogelsang
Senior Manager, Finance and Administration
Tetiana Smykovska
Finance Account Executive
Mary Elizabeth Nugent
Consultant, New Geographical Boundaries

World Scout Bureau Europe Support Centre, Brussels

Tilemachos Boni
Manager, Grant Making Processes
Catriona Graham
Director, Advocacy and Partnerships
Júlia Pérez Lema
Manager, Communications
Margarita Gaboyan
Research Officer, Social Impact
Louise Lundbye
Volunteer, Project Support and Event Management
Federica Imperadrice
Project Management Officer