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Troels Forchhammer

Posted 28. Авг 2014

Reflections on the seminar “Towards a new generation of leaders”

In May I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the seminar “Towards a new generation of lea Перевести


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Kevin Olere

Hi Troels Перевести

Suneet Sardana

Posted 26. Авг 2014


On 15th August. Перевести


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Africa Scout Region

Posted 18. Июл 2014

Scouting made me the man I am today

The Chief Commissioner, Scout Association of Rwanda, Fidèle Gakuba, welcoming the Minister of You Перевести


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Fabian Juarez-Martinez

Una muestra más que clara de la eficacia del Método Scout en las juventudes. Перевести

Lars Böhnke

Posted 22. мая 2014

ScoutingTrain 2014 - Create Understanding

Because peace in Europe is important - right now! Once upon a time there was an idea… Перевести


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helarius shylla

Posted 15. Янв 2014

Community Development Workshop at Umroi Village

Parents who have troubled lives or are in a situation of crises often simply cannot cope and ther Перевести


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nice pic bah!! Перевести

European Scout Region

Posted 13. Ноя 2013

Non-profit Education Foundation Praises Leadership Education by Israel Scouts and Guides

(Tel-Aviv/IBGSF) - A recent article on the website of Israel 21 Перевести


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World Scouting

Posted 18. Окт 2013

A Surprise Guest leaves a King … Speechless!

“HOW DO YOU MEASURE SUCCESS IN SCOUTING?” – this is a challenge posed by many donors to the World Перевести


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Gary James

Posted 17. Окт 2013

JamYin - celebrating the Year of the Youth

The Meghalaya Bharat Scouts & Guides celebrated the Meghalaya Year of the Youth, by organisin Перевести


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Amir Kamimura (2559)

Posted 16. Окт 2013

Management in Scouting platform

Greetings to all Scout, Перевести


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Cynthia Marquez Cardoza

Hi Amir, thank you for your support and good intentions. The first think you can do is share this with your Scout frien... Перевести

Hi Amir, thank you for your support and good intentions. The first think you can do is share this with your Scout friends and invite them to create a profile, share an update or post, wirte a project and use Перевести