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Dikirim 29. Agustus 2014 - 4:52

Messenger of Peace Tree Planting

Brighton Venturers Outfit 1012 together with Ticket to Life Manila and University of the East Civ Terjemahkan


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Umit Savas Baran (137)

You have done the best tasf of YUNGA UN Forest challenge. Carry on to earn the certificate SOME ADVICE TO EARN YUNGA FOR... Terjemahkan

You have done the best tasf of YUNGA UN Forest challenge. Carry on to earn the certificate
A.01 - Take a Hike collect natural objects make collages- Bir yürüyüş yapın
A.04 Write five good things about your forest- Ormanınızın yararları ile ilgili 5 güzel şey yazın A.05 Make bark patterns Ağaç kabuklarının kopyasını al
A.07 LEARN tree age rings Ağaç yaş halkalarını öğren A.19 Play animal class game ben hangi canlıyım oyununu oyna B FOREST IN USE KULLANDIĞIMIZ ORMAN B.01 Lively woods importance dangers make a roport or drama skit ormanın önemini bir rapor veya oyun ile anlatın, B.03 Learn Safety Rules of Forest –Ormanda güvenlik kuralları B.04 Learn jobs in forestmake a list play cherade Orman mesleklerini listele ne yaparlar istersen sessiz sinema ile anlatın B.07 using wood List all the things made by wood around
you and in your house. Odanda veya evinde Ağaç ile yapılan araçları maddeleri listele C FOREST AND CULTURE – ORMAN VE KÜLTÜR C.01 Indigenous Inhabitants - Ormanın Geçmiş sahipleri -
Learn about the traditional stories or legends of the indigenous peoples who live or used to live in your country’s forests. OR/VEYA C.02 Forest and Fires orman ve Ateş yakma
Learn how to safely build and enjoy an outdoor campfire. C.03 Playful learning – Oyunla öğrenme
Research different kinds of games traditionally played by forest-based cultures. Play three games C4 Outdoor Adventures - Açık hava oyunları –
activities you can do in the forest (e.g. camping, hiking, rock climbing, cooking, etc.)? Write C10 Art work handcrafts in forest Ormanda sanat galerisi –
Make one from natural things D FORESTS AT RİSK ORMANLARDA TEHLİKE D. 01 forests under threat - ormanların yaşadığı tehlikeler
Create a collage, model or educational poster of the threats to forests in your area and to forests around the world. D09 Deforestation and Degradation - Ormanların yok olması ve kötüleşmesi - D.15 Learn about an organization’s work for forests - TEMA ve benzer bir kuruluşun çalışmalarını anlatın E TAKE ACTION ORMANLAR İÇİN HİZMET E.01 Forest Fête Plan and/or participate in a forest celebration
with games, music, sports, entertainment, food and other
fun things. Kamp olarak bir yemek spor eğlence atıştırmalıklar ile eğlence düzenleyin kamp ateşin de de olabilir E.02 Plant Trees Ağaç dik E.03 Daha az Çöp - Less Litter! Observe the littering in forest and make a clean up E.07 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Collect at forest or at home tell us Look around your home for
the next few days,
That is all
Some rules
1. You may earn a certificate
2. WAGGGS sell badges at full raport to YUNGA. Don’t ask me to send badges
3. The full book on YUNGA website and there are more challenges
4. YUNGA provides books to schools
5. You may help YUNGA on pi,lot work of new challanges
6. This is open to all youth and children and groupsöver 5 years old. No individual participation
7. No certificate befoe full report and proofs of action
A. Check the challenge book
B. At least 2 task must be done individually
C. At least two task must be done in a small group (4-9)
D. Some activities may be done in a claassroom or Scout meeting place
E. Photographs reports proof photos with task number and name of author necessary