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European Region

Funding Opportunities

This is an overview of the available funding opportunities, with useful information and direct contacts. Particular attention is given to deadlines and procedures to enable you to be aware of the amount of time and preparation required for an application.

A new EU programme, Erasmus + has been adopted for the period 2014-2020 with an increase of 40% of budget. This new programme gathers all the different previous programmes linked to education - Youth in Action, Life Long Learning, Grundtwig... A specific chapter dedicated to &lsquo Youth projects is included in the programme and supports lots of different activities in Scouting when done in partnership with other Scouts or youth organisations in Europe and sometimes beyond Europe.

If you are interested to know more about the different opportunities, if you are have a specific question, or if you would like some support to develop an application, do not hesitate to contact Marguerite in the European Regional Office at

Partnerships Fund (PF)

  • Donor: WOSM European Region
  • Aim: provide financial assistance to associations through the development of a partnership project.
  • Who can apply: National Scout Organisations and National Scout Associations of the European Region of WOSM.
  • Procedure: Application forms can be found on the website and should be sent by mail or e-mail ( The application should be based meeting real needs and must bediscussed with the Committee Contact before submitting the initial application.
  • Budget: maximum amount to be provided by the fund is &euro 10,000 per application. In very exceptional cases there may be larger grants. Priority is given to projects for which additional external funding is sought and where the Partnership Fund can have a multiplier effect.
  • Deadline: applications may be submitted at any time. There are no application deadlines.
  • Example of approved projects/financed actions: actions focusing on growth, renewal of Youth Programmes or Training Systems. Forms and more information you can find on the Intranet
  • Contact in the European Regional Office: Marguerite Potard,

FOSE Small Projects of the European Scout Foundation (ESF)

  • Donor: European Scout Foundation
  • Aim: provide financial support for the development of Scouting across the Region
  • Who can apply: projects should come from a local Scout group or other levels of the NSO and have the approval of the International Commissioner.
  • Procedure: on line application to be completed on the website.
  • Budget: There is no limit in the amount requested for a project. However, please note that a project of a smaller amount has more chance of being financed.
  • Deadline: applications may be submitted at any time. There are no application deadlines
  • Example of approved projects/financed actions: contribution to educational projects purchase of material organisation of events. Priority is given to projects supporting the educational programme.
  • More information:
  • Contact:

Leadership Training Fund

  • Donor: donation to the European Scout Foundation to support Scouting and Guiding in Europe
  • Aim: Support leadership and training development through non-formal education for adults from the age of seventeen and upwards, Support practical Scout/Guide training (including moments using typical Scouting/Guiding activities and methodologies) in partnership between two or more European countries wanting to learn from each other Events where practical training is taking place (rather than theoretical discussions about training) Lead to a longer term and positive change that will continue beyond the project Lead to results that can be measured and assessed.
  • Who can apply: All the NSO/NSAs of the European Scout Region and part of the Eurasia Scout Region (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine) and the WAGGGS Europe Region.
  • Procedure: applications should be submitted to There is an application form, but you can also write down your ideas and budget and send it in a format that is suitable for you
  • Budget: No limit but this is expected that participants and/or participant organisations would cover costs which they would usually cover for a similar training.
  • Deadline: applications may be submitted at any time. There are no application deadlines and the fund will communicate a decision within two months.
  • Example of approved projects/financed actions: training activities/projects
  • More information: on the Intranet or by contacting Fund Team
  • Contact in the European Regional Office: Marguerite Potard,

Messengers Of Peace

  • Donor: World Scout Foundation
  • Aim: to inspire millions of young men and women throughout the world to work to become messengers of peace through community action, capacity building, dialogue and communication
  • Who can apply: NSOs, Regional Offices and the Central Office of the World Scout Bureau can submit applications. Local Scout Groups must go through their NSO to submit projects. Preference will always be given to NSOs, particularly those in countries facing economic difficulties.
  • Procedure: Project proposals should be completed using the Standard Application Form, which can be found on Completed project proposals must then be sent to the World Scout Bureau, European Regional Office (Geneva).
  • Budget: no limits established.
  • Deadline: no deadlines are established for applications, but from the point at which all questions have been answered applicants will be advised of the result from 1 month to 3 months depending on the amount under consideration.
  • Example of approved projects/financed actions: The Fund targets five categories of work: (1) training in dialogue (2) support for specific peace projects (3) support to young people living in conflict situations (4) capacity strengthening and (5) globalising the Messengers of Peace Global Network. The fund is also supporting the two priorities of the Scout European Region Youth Empowerment and Diversity and Inclusion .
  • More information:
  • Contact in the European Regional Office: Rose-Marie Henny -

Erasmus +

  • Donor: European Union
  • Aim: This is the Programme that the European Union has set up for education, with a separate chapter for young people and youth organisations. It has been designed to support activities and events that aim to inspire and foster a sense of active European citizenship, solidarity and tolerance among young Europeans and to involve them in shaping the Union's future. It promotes mobility within and beyond the EU borders, youth work, non-formal education, trans-sectorial partnerships among different educational actors.
  • Who can apply: all the programme actions foreseen are eligible for NSOs/NSAs or even local groups of young people in all the so called Programme Countries meaning EU Member States + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, FYROM most of the actions are also open for Neighbouring partner countries , meaning Albania, Bosnia &amp Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Israel, or some Eurasia and Arab countries but it is not possible for them to apply directly for the grant. For all actions there are different age limits and also different numbers of eligible participants/partners.
  • Procedure: The programme is divided in three different actions:
  • Key action 1: Individual mobility youth exchange, youth initiative, youth worker mobility, seminars, trainings..
  • Key action 2: Strategic partnerships (bigger project involving partners from outside Scouting and the youth sector for innovative approaches to non formal education.
  • Key action 3: Structured dialogue with policies makers

Application forms of each call for proposal are available on the websites of each National agency of the programme (to find your national agency: Please note that for the majority of the actions require a partnership among organisations from different countries meaning that the activities have to be international.

  • Budget: each action has different funding rules but generally the support is offered in terms of travel, accommodation and activity costs through lump sums and a scale of unit costs. Those cost are generally not enough to support all of your real cost so co-funding might ne needed.
  • Deadline: 3 deadlines this year, the next one is 1 October 2014 for a start of activity from 1 January 2015.
  • Example of approved projects/financed actions: youth exchanges, youth initiatives, youth democracy projects, European Voluntary Service, training and networking activities, meetings with young people and those responsible for youth policy. In particular NSOs/NSAs should take into consideration Action 1.2 Youth Initiatives and Action 5.1 Meeting of Young People and those responsible for youth policy because these are the areas that could be developed at national level without the need of international partners
  • More information: and you can find here some guidelines developed by the European Youth Forum:
  • Contact in the European Regional Office: Marguerite Potard,

Please note that the European Regional Office and some activities of the European Region are financially supported by the programme Erasmus +

European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe (EYF)

  • Donor: Council of Europe
  • Aim: provide financial support for European youth activities. Its purpose is to encourage co-operation among young people in Europe by providing financial support to European youth activities which serve the promotion of peace, understanding and co-operation in a spirit of respect for the Council of Europe's fundamental values such as human rights, democracy, tolerance and solidarity
  • Who can apply: youth organisations such as NSOs/NSAs from countries that are Member States of the Council of Europe. Even if the participants in the projects are youth leaders, at least 75% of them must be under the age of 30.
  • Procedure: youth organisations must be registered online in the EYF database before being able to submit an application in order to apply an organisation has to complete an on line application. Please note that for the majority of the actions require a partnership among organisations from different countries meaning that the activities have to be international. Pilot projects are the only way to have local activities granted without other international partners.
  • Budget: EYF cannot cover the full cost of the project. Its contribution may not exceed two-thirds of the total cost of a project. Average grant for International Event is &euro 15,000 (up to &euro 20,000) Pilot projects are maximum euro 15,000.
  • Deadline: International Events: two deadlines per year: 01/04 and 01/10. There are no fixed deadlines for the submission of pilot projects. However, the project application should reach the EYF Secretariat at least 3 months before the beginning of the activity.
  • Example of approved projects/financed actions: there are 2 categories of grants to which national organisations can apply to: International event (at least 4 days of events, 3 international partners, 7 countries represented and 4 in the planning team) and pilot projects. Priority is given to pilot projects that address a particular situation in a country (e.g.: crisis)
  • More information:
  • Contact in the European Regional Office: Marguerite Potard at

Please note that the European Youth Foundation supports the European Regional Office and some activities of the European Region.

Eric Frank Trust (EFT)

  • Donor: Eric Frank Trust
  • Aim: to advance education, including development of leadership skills, and to advance young people in life with a view to helping them become more responsible citizens
  • Who can apply: any organisation worldwide whose main purpose is the education and development of young people, with priority given to NSOs/NSAs.
  • Procedure: projects must be submitted electronically to The Administrator of the Eric Frank Trust at There is an application form. No application from a Scout organisation will be considered unless it has the written support of the Regional office so it is recommended to first send it to
  • Budget: In the past, the project granted were between EUR 5,000 to 20,000
  • Deadline: applications may be submitted at any time. There is no application deadline but the assessment of the project is taking some time. This is therefore advice to submit the application at least 6 month in advance.
  • Example of approved projects/financed actions: This is a difficult source of funding for very specific aspects of training in leadership. Do not hesitate to contact the regional office to ask further advice.
  • More information:
  • Contact: or

Other funding opportunities

  • Foundations: across Europe several foundations provide funding for youth projects. Some of them are active at European/international level but the majority of them are based and operate at national level. We can&rsquo t provide, for obvious reasons, an exhaustive list of all the foundations active in the youth field. Therefore NSO/NSAs interested to work with foundations should first look for national databases that are normally available on line. One interesting database is offered by the European Foundation Centre (EFC) at The EFC is an international association of foundations and corporate funders and those foundations specifically works on children and youth can be found
  • Corporate sector: more and more corporate companies are nowadays developing Corporate Social Responsible schemes, providing either funding, services or other kinds of support to civil society organisations. A quite exhaustive list of companies active in Europe can be found at this link:

Useful resources for funding

Please note that the European Regional Office always informs NSO/NSAs of funding opportunities that might be interesting for them and has developed a database including all these and other information that are relevant for youth organisations. Some funding opportunities or donors have not been listed in this document only because they might be active only in specific geographical areas of countries and therefore are not relevant for a communication addressing all the NSO/NSAs in Europe. This includes, for example, programmes of the European Union focusing on Neighbouring non-EU countries or that have different implantation objectives in different countries. Please do not hesitate to contact the Office in Brussels to inquire for more information.