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JOTA-JOTI Challenges

This year, we have provided you with a bunch of challenges which you can do by yourself and with your Scout group. During the last couple of weeks, we released 20 challenges for you to prepare for JOTA-JOTI, and now, we have also added 9 featured challenges, which you can do online during the weekend.

In this way, some of the challenges you may already know and some of them are new to JOTA-JOTI.

Every challenge has a link to a create form which you can submit your solution to.

You can submit your solution to a challenge from 19 October 00:00 hours local time up to and including 24 October 24:00 hours local time.

JOTA-JOTI challenges completed by Scouts

JOTA-JOTI Solution

19. Oktober 2013 - 5:42


Dari Australia

Collecting the Mail

Today is really hot in Australia, so I decided to collect the mail for our neighbours.

JOTA-JOTI Solution

19. Oktober 2013 - 5:06

Cristian Usca

Dari Ecuador

Flor de lis

Una pequeña representación de nuestra flor de Lis que nos dice que siempre sigamos adelante.
Small representation of our flower Lis says we always go forward.

JOTA-JOTI Solution

19. Oktober 2013 - 4:44


Dari Australia

A Bopping Hello

Briley says a Bopping Hello from Australia!

JOTA-JOTI Solution

19. Oktober 2013 - 3:09


Dari Norway


Henk and Gunther operating HB9S here in Scout Centre Les Pérouses, in Satigny, Geneva

JOTA-JOTI Solution

19. Oktober 2013 - 0:06


Dari Cyprus

Create SMS Text Art

i tried doing a dog xDD

JOTA-JOTI Solution

18. Oktober 2013 - 21:45


Dari Pakistan

emergency rescue

in the moth of march when the scouts of Nasiraan Scouts of pakistan were going to give the audition of thier drama / play to HQ provisional scout association , we smelled of fire and plastic burn. suddenly we hear , some one shouted "fire". and that was an electric fire in an apartment .We were 8 . we decided if the fire will b high one will rescue one will call for help and other will do rescue work as fire fighters. but the fire was an electric and was not as much high as we thought . one of us called fire station , other recsue the passing by public
unfortunately the fire was in main electric board and was at parking (ground floor) and all the fire extungshers were expired and out of order. one guy tried to sutch off the main line from transformer and then we started our work
we collected sand from a building which was near by and through it on fire . hence before fire fighters arrived there we have completed the work
all the public clap and appreciated us and fire department also certified that the work we did was correct

so in emergency u have to become conscious and think what u have to do
1. remove the danger for help
3.gather the public at assembly point the rescue work

JOTA-JOTI Solution

18. Oktober 2013 - 16:03


Dari Malaysia

Scout Signals

A scout is trustworthy loyal helpful friendly courteous kind obedient cheerful thrifty brave clean and reverent

JOTA-JOTI Solution

18. Oktober 2013 - 14:46


Dari Egypt

الكشفية أسلوب حياة

رحلة الاستكشاف والمغامرة