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Now row your own canoe

30. Jun 2013

It is then that we have to begin to differentiate normal from nature. Normal relatively regulated by rules created by us men , imperfect. And natural is regulated exhaustively by the work of God .Thus, a child born restless, can be medicated and apparently docile . And the duration of drug effect will be. And behave like a normal child . But it will still be restless, because that is their nature.The challenge for educators is to look at the interest restless children to get their attention . Give them time to get to know , so they can have control over themselves, so they understand the nature that surrounds them, and know how to enter it.If we stop worrying in "producing" normal adolescents and young people , and rather try to promote young adolescents and natural , the rules will become less necessary . For an individual who is understood as a social being , he knows his responsibility to others , and who grew up resentments and guilt free , it will adapt to any circumstance of his community and will serve as a messenger of peace.Part of the magic or virtue of our informal education . It is not necessary to be a teacher , doctor, or licensed to be part of that teaching . All adults on an equal footing , we feel the same responsibility and challenging task of containing and educate our children.And it is in this way, regardless of how you have grown each, can now be part of change , of growth, developing the potential of their community.And so, as again the rules will become less necessary . For an adult who feels useful and content , learn to love and love. And who they love and want others will also always messengers of peace.A peaceful society is always a full glass . Not by chance was chosen the title of this project. Since in the penultimate of many books he wrote the founder of Scouting , Baden Powell , is titled "Row your own canoe ." That explains: "It suggests we progress through the efforts of its own, with some much risk and having fun along the way. " A chapter of that book is " The duty of service and how to be prepared . "Now the law says the scout scout is optimistic even in difficulties . But in the older version that professed Catholic Scouts say: A Scout smiles and sings on the difficulties .And precisely in this chapter of the book talks about whistling BP when there are difficulties . Remember during the Great War bombs falling on the Liverpool Street Station in London , and had killed many people in the crowd there. The enemy planes had passed over and the crowd , as good English , were quietly buying tickets and boarding the train , when suddenly a cry alerted the bombers returned .This caused a stampede to the underground passage leading to the subway, and there was danger of panic and fatal collisions . But a voice was heard saying - not return for another 20 minutes, and above all the noise and movement of the crowd whistled and sang , someone waits for the Clouds Roll - This caused a laugh in chorus . And in a few minutes everyone was calm and quiet. No more races , and people calmly down the subway safe haven .This will count as an advice to the scouts who have volunteered for National Service [ would be the civil defense service in our country ] in case there is war again. He adds that any boy can whistle a tune. If you can stay calm when others are panicking , and then can whistle , you can do a great service to the hundreds of people around , giving an example of calm joy when things seem to go wrong . What a triumph it would be for a little , save a multitude of disaster. The whistle of a boy can be like a white glove police to stop the run of a crowd. " Always ready " to do so , if the occasion , be prepared , says BP- Another textual narratives of his book, in the same chapter , is as follows : [ The scouts have many good plays lately , group presentations , pantomimes , Rally exhibitions , etc. .It's amazing when you think about how many trials are needed if you want to succeed. And here is much more wonderful than when important tests were made , the alarm of war was heard and many scouts had to take a lot of work for the public service . Almost had to rehearse with gas masks on!I remember , long ago , when my regiment was in Afghanistan and rehearsing the play " The Pirates of Penzace " , we had a room to rehearse, so we did outdoors. There was always danger that a fan trigueño slide over us with his big, ugly knife, so unpleasant . So each actor brought his sword to the test , and sank these weapons on the ground to mark the boundaries of our stage , and they were both on hand in market attack . Speaking of testing , I want you to understand how necessary it is to have sufficient preparation if you want your function , of whatever kind , succeed .If you run a race , you know how important it is to train first. No point going to boxing with an opponent if you have not first learned and practiced then boxing. What a beautiful pair of black eyes would have if you do not practice !Once we had a swim practice for my men and their horses. Of course that only men who could swim should practice it. To our horror and nervousness , a man almost drowned . When we had him out all the water and we had given artificial respiration, asked if he had learned to swim. He said 'No, but as everyone else knew , I figured I might as well , and got to this and realized I could not.If you want to progress in life , you have to be literate . And do not learn if you do not attend school, where they teach you how. Similarly, if you want to be a subject brave and be prepared to help others to save lives , or enter the public service , you have to first learn and practice being a Scout . ]When this man speaks of war we seem to be reading something from another time . In a time that will never return ( God forbid ) .But many of their ideas and concerns in putting together this educational method are timeless . Talk of a Public Service at the time, it was one to which the volunteers were offered for war talk today is Civil Defense , an armed in our country , also for situations of war and disaster . The latter rude but this incidence has beaten every possible corner of Argentina .But what can a scout there?I remember the 1998 El Niño , started raining , and raining, and raining ... I was then 11 years. Suspended classes , we could not leave our homes because the streets were flooded . You could not really . However, it will be as strong , because to hear the call of the scouts, I do not know how, but my dad had to take me to the group. Well it was just a Cub , everyone looked at me and said what are you doing here ? While the scouts were preparing to collaborate on donations collection centers , walkers and rovers in the evacuation centers , my arm was gone. My manager came to tell me that I should go home and help my family . But I was not willing to take a step back . Then I see the head of the group, George, who was preparing the team of adults to go to the 14 , San Isidro , El Bajo ( flooded and isolated rural areas ) . What could I do ? Of course I told him I wanted to go with them . And obviously also told me that you could not . Imagine carrying a child to an area where no one knows what one will find. Definitely could not . But like I said before, is that the will is so strong , because I know not how, but within minutes we were on top of the vehicles and walk to the places affected . The route was cut off by water from a creek overflowed , we had to get out and canoe up on dry land again, where we expect the locals with horses to continue our journey . I liked much first aid, had the specialty in the pack, and that day , with my small kit in tow , I practice more than desired. We stayed a week in service. When we got back , my dad waited in the waiting group as always when he returned from camp. And stun the way home , as always telling anecdotes stunned .Those floods, in that dimension , thankfully never returned . But it always rains the river and therefore generated each drawbacks in the City . Already in the Scout Troop had a group of peers, crazy like me and some a little more. Then whenever storms or river left flooded areas were serving us showing the head of Civil Defense .In 2003 , every one of my squad mates had other destinations . I was alone . In November it rained three days straight, 900mm of precipitation . In Civil Defense were all men for the crews . So I leave it to the operations center , which received all emergency calls and patrols intercomunicaba to emergency institutions . Every time I remember , the adrenaline rushes inside me than my blood. Civil defense employees had their hours . Once completed he was going home. And suddenly we were only two people on duty. Civil Defense chief and me. He ran to his truck to try to solve , alone and with a few tools , the most urgent problems . Those involving a risk of life ( trees down on power lines , fallen trees on homes, etc. . ) Then I get a call from the station quarter , where the duty officer tells me that the side of Route 12 , there were citizens of a flooded settlement took all their belongings and put together makeshift tents on the side of the road. And they wanted to cut the traffic by the danger it meant to them . There were children , pregnant women, young people ... The speed vehicles passing route represented an imminent danger. Then the officer asked him what he wanted us to do . They are the guardians of public order. The official explains that for citizens to not cut the route , the solution was signaled to slow down vehicles . But they had no way to do it . Mobile not available. I communicate with the head of DC and tells me to commission a wooden triangles in the municipal yard ( where he also officiates a makeshift carpentry) , he comes looking meanwhile , and by the way buy some fluorescent aerosols . At the yard, paint the triangles and head with a shovel to the route. We planted them with the help of the locals , and go. The route was marked and in control.No other will have saved lives or prevented accidents that day. But what I know is that when the service ended after about three days of run , I returned home with immense satisfaction .This is what I have wanted to Baden Powell of us . We are always ready , to fulfill our promise , and we are happy to be scouts.