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Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, known as B-P, was born in Paddington, London on 22 February 1857. He was the eighth of ten children of Baden, a Professor at Oxford University, and Henrietta Powell. His father died when B-P was only three years old, leaving the family in a challenging situation.

B-P was given his first lessons by his mother and later attended Rose Hill School, where he gained a scholarship to Charterhouse School. He was always eager to learn new skills and played the piano and the violin. While at Charterhouse he began to exploit his interest in the arts of scouting and woodcraft.

In the woods around the school, B-P would hide from his masters as well as catch and cook rabbits, being careful not to let tell-tale smoke give his position away. The holidays were not wasted either. With his brothers he was always in search of adventure. One holiday they made a yachting expedition round the south coast of England. On another, they traced the Thames to its source by canoe. Through all this Baden-Powell was learning the arts and crafts, which were to prove so useful to him professionally.


Our timeline

  • Baden-Powell’s Birth

    Minggu, Februari 22, 1857

    Born in Paddington, London, England

  • Baden-Powell Joined the Army

    Minggu, Februari 20, 1876

    Joined the British army and appointed as Sub-lieutenant for the 13th Hussars in Lucknow, India, and specialised in scouting, map-making and reconnaissance

  • Baden-Powell’s Successful Defense of Mafeking Town

    Rabu, Februari 22, 1899

    Declared a hero for successfully defending the Mafeking Town during the Boer War and was promoted to Major-General by Queen Victoria

  • Baden-Powell Organised the Experimental Camp

    Kamis, Agustus 1, 1907

    Held a seven-day experimental camp for 20 boys on Brownsea Island, Dorset, England

  • Baden-Powell Retired from the British Army

    Selasa, Februari 22, 1910

    Retired from the British army as Lieutenant General and focused on the Scout Movement

  • Baden-Powell’s Marriage

    Kamis, Februari 22, 1912

    Married Olave St Clair Soames and subsequently had three children – Arthur, Heather and Betty

  • Baden-Powell Established a Training Centre for Scout Leaders

    Rabu, Februari 19, 1913

    Started Gilwell Park Training Centre for Scout Leaders in London, England

  • Baden-Powell Acclaimed Chief Scout of the World

    Jumat, Juli 30, 1920

    Acclaimed Chief Scout of the World at the 1st World Scout Jamboree in London, England

  • Baden-Powell Opened the International Scout Chalet

    Minggu, Februari 22, 1925

    Opened the International Scout Chalet in Kandersteg, Switzerland (now known as the Kandersteg International Scout Centre)

  • Baden-Powell Created a Peer

    Jumat, Februari 22, 1929

    Made Lord Baden-Powell, 1st Baron of Gilwell, by King George V

  • Baden-Powell Built His African Home

    Jumat, Februari 19, 1937

    Built and lived at his home, Paxtu cottage, in Nyeri, Kenya

  • Baden-Powell Gone Home

    Rabu, Januari 8, 1941

    Passed away in Kenya at the age of 83. He was accorded military funeral and burial at St Peter’s Churchyard on 9 January. A memorial service was also held on 27 January at Westminster Abbey, London, England

Katya Boldyrieva

Dikirim 26. Februari 2015 - 13:29

Celebration of Founder’s Day!

Our scout organization Skiff (Ukraine) celebrated the Founder’s Day! Terjemahkan


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R Karthik

Dikirim 25. Februari 2015 - 4:59

World Thinking Day - Cultural Programmes

Various items like group song, group and dance were presented by Guides which was followed by an Terjemahkan


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R Karthik

Dikirim 25. Februari 2015 - 4:39

World Thinking Day - Birthday Celebrations

A guide and a Scout impersonated Lady and Lord Baden Powell and cut the cake on the occasion of t Terjemahkan


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R Karthik

dankon de Hindujo. Terjemahkan

Nu'man Salhab

Dikirim 23. Februari 2015 - 12:51

في ذكرى المؤسس .. اللورد روبرت بادن باول مؤسس الحركة الكشفي...

في ذكرى المؤسس .. اللورد روبرت بادن باول مؤسس الحركة الكشفية العالمية #HappyBirthdayBP Terjemahkan


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Dihan Hansaja

Happy birthday B.P Terjemahkan


Dikirim 23. Februari 2015 - 8:54

AGBU Scouts have celebrated the Founders day and participate...

AGBU Scouts have celebrated the Founders day and participated to the Scouting Heritage Badge . Happy 158-th birthday B-P :D Terjemahkan


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